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Cheese Makers Market

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Saturday 13th April

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Market History

Enjoy Cheese? Enjoy the Market!

Once a year Premier Cheese together with La Cave à Fromage, host the Cheese Makers Market where members of the public and professionals alike can see, taste and buy some of the wonderful cheeses produced in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Cheese Makers Market is the only event in the UK where you can meet so many cheese makers in one place, and try over 250 of their delicious cheeses.

On Saturday 13th April 2019, the market returns with a new name to give a community feel to the market. We will be calling it Beaconfields Cheese Makers Market.

Visit our market bistro open from 10:00am - 5:00pm to relax and enjoy expertly selected cheeses, bread and wine, or book one of our Cheese and Wine Tasting sessions.

If you love cheese as much as we do, be sure to join us for a thrilling journey into the world of fine cheeses.


About Premier Cheese

National Van Sales!

Premier Cheese Ltd was founded in January 1999, is passionate about food in general and cheese in particular. Their aim from the start was supplying the top end of the market hotels and restaurants with the best cheeses available, buying directly from producers, and offering the widest range and the best service by unique National van sales.

Today Premier Cheese still adheres to the same principles and have added cured meats and products for patisserie to the initial offering of cheese. "We not only stock around 200 British cheeses but now we also mature and create new British cheese", said Amnon Paldi.

In the last two years the geographical coverage of the van sales was extended and now covers from Cornwall in the South West to Newcastle in the North East and most points in between.

Cheese Eating

About La Cave à Fromage

Most Amazing Cheese Shop!

La Cave a Fromage Ltd is an extension of Premier Cheese, the consequence of constant demand from individuals to buy the quality and the range of cheeses found in top restaurants.

The first shop was opened in London, South Kensington, in the autumn of 2007. The second shop, in Hove, Sussex, opened its doors in the summer of 2010.

La Cave continues to be at the forefront of retail cheese sales being awarded "Worlds 3rd Most Amazing Cheese Shop" by the Daily Telegraph in 2015.

One can not only buy from a wide range of cheese at La Cave but can also have a cheese and/or charcuterie selection with a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

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